SFHR Announces Sponsorship Agreement with POWERQUBE


Sarah Fisher Hartman Racing (SFHR) announced this morning a long-term sponsorship agreement with Genie Products LLC, the owners of POWERQUBE.

“We’re excited to bring on POWERQUBE as a new partner to the team,” SFHR team owner Sarah Fisher stated. “It’s neat to be a part of an industry that’s technologically advanced and innovative. We are excited about our long-term agreement with the POWERQUBE team, and look forward to supporting this revolutionary product as it is launched in the United States and throughout the world.”

The POWERQUBE is the 21st Century solution to the age old power strip. The sleek design of the POWERQUBE means you do not have to try to hide it. It is compact enough to place on a desk, conference table, kitchen counter, nightstand or anywhere you need power management and USB charging capabilities. At a very compact 5.5 inches by 2.75 inches, it can easily fit into your backpack or briefcase.

Scott Weaver, President of Genie Products LLC and owner of POWERQUBE is proud to partner with SFHR.

“Our agreement with SFHR is a partnership that we look to build upon for many years to come,” Weaver said. “We could not be more excited to be a part of the SFHR team as we partner to bring the POWERQUBE to consumers throughout the world.”


Nothing on the market today will allow you to plug in 6 devices such as a monitor, printer, computer, coffee maker, toaster, TV and much more, PLUS the ability to charge 3 more devices; including 2 iPads® simultaneously, in any of the 3 USB ports. How does it do that you ask? It’s a smart device that senses the additional power requirements and sends the power to the USB ports. Charge all of your personal electronic devices: iPad®, iPhone®, iTouch®, Samsung® smart phone, Android® etc., with the POWERQUBE. Please help us to rid the world of the ugly, old power strip and replace every one of them with the sleek, functional, and revolutionary POWERQUBE. Visit www.pwrqube.com for more information.


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